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There have been many technological advancements in recent years. Among these advancements, I am curious about what research topics are the most popular one.

I decided to analyze the publications in Nature Journal to find out. The reason Nature Journal was chosen are two-fold.

  1. Nature Journal have one of the highest impact factors among its peer scientific journal ( Their articles can be viewed as the most cutting edge and reliable.
  2. Nature Journal has a comprehensive database which is available on Google Big Query (with each article’s number of citations and associated keywords)

The meaning of “popular” in my…

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Stock (a.k.a “Stonk”) has been a pretty hot topic recently. In stock trading , there is a strategy called “Sell in May and Go Away” which means people should sell their stocks in May since this is the month where most of stock value goes down. This strategy seems to be supported by some historical data.

How about day of the week then ? Is there a better day of the week to buy stocks in ASX ?

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I spent a LOT of time on commuting to work every day.

Sometimes, I find it difficult to wake up early every morning. When I get up late, most likely it will take me longer to commute to my company.

One day, an idea suddenly hit me.

Why don’t I build a webpage which allows me to collect commuting time of all the routes during a specific period of the day, so I can find the best departure time which has the least commuting time.

The commuting time information and its route information can be obtained from Google maps API.

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Recently, I have been forced to participate NRL tipping games by my friends.

I know nothing about NRL, but I want to see if there are any easy criteria out there for me to make my tipping decision easier.

Naturally, betting odds in sports betting websites have attracted my attention. Because the way betting odds being set up, if there are more people think a team is likely to win, its odds will become…

Following content is based on my understanding, it might not reflect a comprehensive understanding of this concept. This will get updated as I get better understanding of these concept.

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Hypothesis testing is a key procedure in inferential statistics¹.

Inferential statistics is the method of reaching conclusions that extend beyond the immediate data alone. For example, we use it when we trying to infer from sample data what the population might be².

For each hypothesis testing, following steps are required:

  1. Design hypothesis
  2. Determine what significance level (α) to consider
  3. Obtain sample data
  4. Find out P-value of the data
  5. Compare between significance…

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This is a new series of me trying to explain something I just learnt. It will not be a very comprehensive explanation. But it will be my understanding of the concept. These posts will get revisited and updated as my understanding of this concept changed.

Classical Central Limit Theorem and its verification

In essence, there are three things central limit theorem are trying to establish, which are:

  1. Regardless of the population distribution pattern, most of the time, the distribution of its sample mean will be a normal distribution
  2. Sample mean average will be close to the population mean
  3. Standard deviation…


Towards Data Science is one of the most popular medium publication platform which shares information about Data Science. It is my go-to place for getting new information about AI/Data Analytics. And it is one of my goal to get published on that platform one day.

I am curious about what is the optimal reading time of a medium post to get more claps and responses. Here is my finding.

Similar Studies:

Someone has done similar studies before about optimal reading time, however their post is using time spent on reading posts as criteria. In addition, their post is outdated…


I like listening to JRE. He always manage to invite people from different field to talk on his program.

I want to know what kind of guests (i.e. professional field) does Joe Rogan like to invite on his program.


Overall(during 2018–2020), his guests are mostly comedians, book authors and actors.

Detailed Analysis:

From #1059 to #1575 (with #1090 missing), total of 516 episodes, 178 of them has comedian labels. This is not surprising considering Joe Rogan start as a stand-up comedian at very early of his career before his become a commentator in MMA.

91 episodes has book…

I want to know which NBA players are the most cost effective during 2019–2020 playoffs.

Data Required:

  • All NBA Players’ Salary in 2019–2020 who have played in 2019–2020 playoffs
  • All NBA Players’ BPM in 2019–2020 playoffs

BPM is a value used to assess each players efficiency. It is a per-100-possession stat where 0.0 is league average, +5 means the player is 5 points better than an average player over 100 possessions (which is about All-NBA team level), -2 is replacement level, and -5 is really bad.

Its formula can be seen here.

To make the comparison between two better, each…

This post is about finding out who/which company make the largest political donation from FY 1998 to FY 2019 in Australia.


In the disclosed political donation records, there are donations which are not registered with any states. In this dataset, they named as “NOT REGISTERED”.


Overall, in Australia, from 1998 to 2019, Mineralogy Pty Ltd takes the top position in the political donation chart. It has donated almost 100 million Australian dollars. Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd came in second, it has donated around 22.5 million. Combining these two donation amount together (since these two companies are owned by…

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